Independent Living

Community Living services support individuals with establishing, developing, and maintaining skills needed to live in the community.

Community Connection

Community Integration services support individuals in accessing community and social life in self-directed, safe, and inclusive ways.

Professional Services are provided by qualified professionals and support the physical and/or emotional well-being of the individual and their caregiver(s).

Support Systems services strengthen the individual’s natural and formal support systems.

Community Transportation services support individuals to access the community through safe and reliable transportation


Employment Training services support individuals, who may or may not be employed, to develop the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment in the community.

Employment Services support working individuals to develop and maintain the skills necessary for employment and/or advancement.

Employment Transportation services support individuals to access employment through safe and reliable transportation.

Agency Supports

Agency Supports fund the development and effectiveness of partner organizations. Supports can be in the form of capital funding, general operating funding, one-time funding, or emergency funding.