Meet Aisha

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Picture of lady smiling in front of house door wearing red glasses and a orange hoodie.

Aisha, a Horizon Housing Development Company (HHDC) tenant entered the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) program in September 2019 with a dream of homeownership for herself and her two sons. The PSH program provides permanent housing for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are experiencing homelessness. HHDC provided Housing Case Management services to Aisha and her family to assist her … Read More

Meet Dianne

DD ResourcesMission Moments

Picture of female worker in gym smiling wearing a light blue shirt.

Diane is a dedicated employee at the YMCA and participates in the Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH) Employment Retention Program. Her personal goal was to become CPR certified, a skill she valued for both her job and personal life. Despite the challenges involved in mastering the course material, Diane remained determined and focused. With support tailored to her needs, including untimed … Read More

Meet Clarence

DD ResourcesMission Moments

Picture of male smiling in neighborhood wearing a sweater

Clarence, a 24-year-old St. Louis City resident, has made significant strides in his personal and professional life with a lot of hard work and support from the St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources’ Targeted Case Management (TCM) department. After completing his degree in Information Systems and Technology from the University Missouri of St. Louis’ Honors College in 2022, Clarence … Read More

Meet Kaven

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Picture of male in commercial kitchen wearing a black apron face covering.

Kaven began services with St. Louis Arc in April 2022 and embarked on the Discovery and Exploration process with his Career Consultant, Laurie. Soon after, Laurie was invited to participate in a staff recruiting video, and asked Kaven if he wanted to help too. The taping of the project took place at St. Louis Arc’s Nutrition Center. Kaven participated in … Read More

Meet Kyra

DD ResourcesMission Moments

Portrait of female smiling with hair styled in pig-tails wearing a pink shirt.

Transitioning from high school to the next opportunity is a challenging yet necessary rite of passage for every young adult. In 2019 Kyra was set to graduate from Nottingham High school when she enlisted the help of DD Resources’ Targeted Case Management (TCM) department to help guide her through this transition. After graduation, Kyra started a new job at Industrial … Read More

Meet Erica

DD ResourcesMission Moments

Picture of female smiling wearing a shimmering blue dress.

Since the day Erica’s new power wheelchair was delivered to her at school, she’s been on the go! DD Resources and Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis funded this new chair for Erica, making it possible for her to go wherever she needs to in both sitting and standing positions. Erica’s dad remembers the joy on his daughter’s face … Read More

Meet Larry

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father son portrait

Larry’s reputation precedes him. He’s a dedicated father who lets little stand in his way, and an immediate tone of admiration and excitement fills the conversation at the mention of his name. For many, the last two years have felt stagnant as we focused on surviving a global pandemic, but for Larry, 2021 was a year of significant progress and … Read More

Meet Quintion

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Quintion portait

“Quintion started the Launch program in August 2020 with several goals: finding employment, enhancing his communication skills, making new friends, increasing his confidence with living on his own, and improving his time management skills to make more time for his love of art. He was quick to dive right in, often attending as many additional trainings and events as possible. … Read More

Meet Pam

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“Social isolation has been a painful part of many individuals’ COVID-19 experience. Pam was nolonger working due to COVID, had little interest in social engagement, lived alone in her childhood home, and expressed feelings of depression. The Assocication on Aging with Developmental Disabilities (AADD) staff invited Pam to join a group that was meeting virtually. Initially, she declined, but reluctantly … Read More

Who We Help

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Family portait

Sheryl and Kirk beam with pride as they look at their daughter, Grace, and talk about her talent and success. They list some of the many awards she has earned and point to her numerous displays of artwork that decorate their home. Grace wears a huge smile as she listens to her parents brag about her accomplishments and gifts. The … Read More