Meet Dianne

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Picture of female worker in gym smiling wearing a light blue shirt.

Diane is a dedicated employee at the YMCA and participates in the Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH) Employment Retention Program. Her personal goal was to become CPR certified, a skill she valued for both her job and personal life. Despite the challenges involved in mastering the course material, Diane remained determined and focused. With support tailored to her needs, including untimed quizzes and the option to retake written tests, she diligently worked through the material. PFH helped her advocate for specifically adapted hands-on training. These sessions were team-taught by both YMCA and PFH staff to ensure Diane’s manageability, comfort and comprehension.

The moment Diane achieved her CPR certification marked a significant personal victory. It wasn’t just a professional milestone; it became a source of immense pride and confidence. Empowered by her success, Diane is actively seeking opportunities for continuing education and additional training related to her job. Her story demonstrates the impact of dedicated and personalized support and personal perseverance.