Meet Kyra

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Portrait of female smiling with hair styled in pig-tails wearing a pink shirt.

Transitioning from high school to the next opportunity is a challenging yet necessary rite of passage for every young adult. In 2019 Kyra was set to graduate from Nottingham High school when she enlisted the help of DD Resources’ Targeted Case Management (TCM) department to help guide her through this transition.

After graduation, Kyra started a new job at Industrial Aid. She was quite shy, and making friends with her coworkers didn’t come easily. Over time and with the support of others, Kyra began to gain the confidence and skills necessary to excel in work and social settings while increasing her ability to build relationships with others outside of her family. Soon she will attend a group program every day after work to further develop her social and life skills.

The increased confidence at work has carried over into other parts of her life as well. Her Service Advocate, Meredith Sanders, is pleased that Kyra has been engaging more during their time together.

“Over the past year, I’ve been proud to watch Kyra come out of her shell. She’s taken on a more active role in her plan meetings by listening closely and providing more of her own opinions.”

There’s no doubt that Kyra is on the right path, and with her hard work and the support of her family and service providers, she will continue to reach her goals and develop skills as she steps into adulthood.