Meet Aisha

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Picture of lady smiling in front of house door wearing red glasses and a orange hoodie.

Aisha, a Horizon Housing Development Company (HHDC) tenant entered the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) program in September 2019 with a dream of homeownership for herself and her two sons. The PSH program provides permanent housing for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are experiencing homelessness. HHDC provided Housing Case Management services to Aisha and her family to assist her in achieving all goals she set forth to accomplish while in the program.

Through the program, she diligently improved her finances, cleared her debts, and honed her parenting and household management skills with guidance from HHDC staff and collaboration with service providers. After four years of hard work, she was ready to start the homebuying process.

Aisha worked with her bank to stabilize her credit. This allowed her to apply for a first-time homeowners loan, which was approved! In addition to saving the money needed for closing costs, she was able to rent a truck and hire professional movers.

Through the supportive services provided within the HHDC’s Permanent Supportive Housing program, Aisha and her children could receive the support services needed to prepare to live independently in their own home.