FY2023 Funding Announcement.

The St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources (DD Resources) is pleased to announce the opening of its FY23 funding cycle. Funding is available for the renewal of currently funded projects and new projects from new and existing funding partners; funding is not for the increase or expansion of projects currently funded by DD Resources. Requests may be for annual or one-time projects. 

Proposed projects will increase access to independent living, employment, and/or community connection opportunities for St. Louis city residents with a developmental disability. Funding of new projects will be prioritized to support the following service areas: 

  1. Employment Training
  2. Aging Services
  3. Adaptive Equipment

 Definitions for services can be found in the FY23 Partner Funding Manual. Potential new funding partners should reference the Partner Funding Manual to ensure the agency and proposed project meets criteria, standards, guidelines, and outcomes and understand DD Resources’ processes and expectations.  

 Proposals for new projects will follow the funding request format as outlined on pgs. 43-44 of the FY23 Partner Funding Manual; new agencies must include a copy of their IRS Determination Letter and Certificate of Good Standing from the State of Missouri. New proposals must be submitted to agencyrelations@stldd.org by February 25, 2022. Renewal requests from currently funded partners will follow the application process in the Eastern Region Alliance portal. Final funding determinations will be made at the May 12, 2022, board meeting with funding to be allocated on a 7/1/2022 – 6/30/2023 timeframe.  

 Questions may be directed to agencyrelations@stldd.org