Starkloff Disability Institute. "Starkloff" in large bold black text. "Disability Institute" in smaller bold black text.

Starkloff Disability Institute

Address: 3133 S. 11th St. #500, St. Louis, MO 63102

Phone: 314-588-7090



The Starkloff Disability Institute aims to break down society’s barriers and build a more inclusive community. Born out of the disability rights movement, Starkloff works to help individuals with disabilities thrive in the workforce by 1) equipping them with the tools to take control of their careers and succeed in competitive professions and 2) assisting companies with implementing inclusive hiring and customer service practices.

Dream Big
Dream Big empowers transition-aged youth and young adults to think long-term about their careers, offering programs that facilitate the transition to college with a long view to employment. Dream Big offers after-school activities and week-long summer camps, providing youth with opportunities for self-determination and personal growth. During the school year, participants explore career options through monthly groups (Career Club and Peer Hangout); caregivers are invited to join peer groups for valuable resources in supporting their children in becoming more independent. During summer camp sessions, participants develop skills to begin their journey to employment and independence, such as self-advocacy, professional behavior, conflict resolution, and navigating college applications and then engage with leading companies and learning centers to apply their skills. .