Options for Justice

Address: 11457 Olde Cabin Road, Suite 235, St Louis, MO 63141

Phone: 314.721.6161



Options for Justice is a nonprofit organization serving individuals with developmental disabilities in St. Louis City who are involved – or at risk to be involved - in the criminal justice system. The agency develops appropriate and effective alternatives for the individual, from the initial point of system entry through sentencing, probation, parole, and release. The agency ensures that participants have information and access to all of the services, resources, and community supports available to them to increase their likelihood for success and increase independence.

OFJ also provides information and training to professionals in both the criminal justice and developmental disability systems. Training is available to the St. Louis City Police Department & Police Academy, St. Louis City Jail, St. Louis City district probation/parole offices, Prosecuting Attorney’s office, the Public Defender’s office and private attorneys, Department of Mental Health – St. Louis Regional Office, Vocational Rehabilitation, and any other criminal justice and developmental disability resources provider that might impact the lives of the individuals in the City of St. Louis who find themselves involved in the criminal justice system.