Bridges Community Support Services

Address: 3155 Sutton Ave, Suite 201, Maplewood, MO 63143

Phone: 314.781.7900

Fax: 314.781.7914



Bridges Community Support Services (Bridges CSS) was founded in 1984 as one of the first organizations in Missouri to offer individualized home and community support services to men and women with physical and cognitive disabilities. Bridges provides full- and part-time supports to people living in St. Louis City and County, as well as across the state of Missouri. Bridges CSS’ mission is to foster continual growth in the lives of those they serve, through a variety of programs. They believe that each individual is unique and their support services are tailored to each person’s particular strengths, needs, and learning style.

Independent Supported Living Assistance (ISLA):
ISLA services support individuals to live independently in the community. Supports promote the development of skills for independence so the individual can stay in his or her own residence and access the community.

Independent Living Assistance Fund (ILAF):
The Independent Living Assistance Fund (ILAF) enables ISLA providers to assist individuals living in the community with obtaining furnishings and household items for their homes.

Skills System Development:
The Skills System Development Model is a group program that teaches skills to help individuals learn how to regulate their emotions to effectively solve problems and reach personal goals. The program is curriculum-based and utilizes principles of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Services are provided weekly through one hour group sessions and are facilitated by licensed therapists and community support staff.