Become a Board Member

Do you have a ❤ for our mission and want to be more involved? Consider applying for membership to serve on our Board of Directors.

The St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources has a board of directors consisting of nine members, two of whom are related by blood or marriage within the third degree to a person with an intellectual or developmental disability as defined in RSMo §205.968. At least seven of the board members are residents of St. Louis City. Board members are appointed to serve for a term of three years and may be reappointed.

If you are interested in being a board member and need more information, please call our office, and ask to speak to the Executive Director. We are happy to answer any questions. Individuals can be recommended to the mayor by our Personnel/Nominating Committee or their local alderman, or the mayor can select a candidate of his/her choosing. The potential board member is then vetted and approved by the Board of Aldermen and the Mayor of St. Louis City. Following approval by both, the mayor issues an official appointment letter, and the board member is sworn in at the Office of the Register.

If you want to be involved, but aren’t interested in full board membership, you may be eligible to serve on one of our board committees as a community member. Call our office to learn more about this opportunity.

Links below:
Complete the online application to serve on the board through the city’s website.

Then complete this nomination and disclosure form.